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HelloHotelo is the first online assisted sales platform for HORECA with support by our amazing professional sales team. Let us know who you are, and soon you will be notified when we'll be ready.

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About us

Hotelo is a startup company which brings together a team of professionals with a strong background in the hospitality industry, with the purpose of delivering high quality and competitive hotel equipment and accessories. We innovate the sales process with our custom online assisted sales platform, where you are guided by a professional sales and consulting specialist.


Exceed guest expectations by offering an experience beyond the comfort of their own homes. Fashionable solutions and geometric diversity which complete hotel’s brand identity


A variety of professional guestroom accessories solutions that perfectly meet your needs. Design a cozy and welcoming guestroom for your continuous success!


Cosmetics complement the hospitality experience by adding extra attention and comfort to the guest. We offer a wide range of care products of premium quality, standard lines, Eco or renowned brands.


You can find here all types of hospitality industry textiles suitable to meet the highest expectations in terms of quality, aesthetics and resistance. We offer a wide range of bed linens, towels, bathrobes, pillows and duvets.

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